Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Accreditation History

Gazi University Faculty of Health Sciences applied for the accreditation of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics with a letter of intent sent to the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Health Sciences Education Programs (FEDEK) . SABAK Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. In the reply letter sent by Afsun Ezel Esatoğlu on 17.04.2018, it was reported that the FEDAK national accreditation evaluation process of the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation officially started.

The first meeting, which was held to inform about the process, was attended by SAK President Prof. Dr. It was held by Özlem Ülger on 11.07.2018 with the participation of faculty members and staff of the department. The studies carried out in the department regarding accreditation started as of 31.03.2019, and on 15.04.2019, FEDEK Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. It gained momentum after the briefing about the preparation of the self-evaluation report and the accreditation process by Afsun Ezel Esatoğlu.

After the visit to our department by FEDEK on 15-17 December 2019, it was reported on 13 March 2020 that our department was entitled to receive an accreditation certificate until 30 September 2025 (for 5 years).



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