Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Sports


Our department aims to prevent sports injuries, increase performance, acute intervention after injury, rehabilitation, promotion of safe and active life, research, lifelong learning, olympic, professional, elite, disabled, recreational sports, including sports physiotherapists in all areas of expertise, conducting research, disseminating evidence-based practices and developing practices through innovation.


Prof. Nevin Aysel GÜZEL (Head of Department)

Prof. Sami ÖZCAN

Prof.  Nihan KAFA

Res. Assist. Çağatay Müslüm GÖKDOĞAN

Res. Assist. Ali ZORLULAR

Res. Assist. Gamze ÇOBANOĞLU

Res. Assist. Zeliha ÇELİK

Res. Assist. Elif AYGÜN POLAT

Res. Assist. Zeynep Berfu ECEMİŞ

Res. Assist. Şeyda ÖZAL

Res. Assist. Ömer Burak TOR

Res. Assist. Fuat YÜKSEL

Res. Assist. Sonay GÜRÜHAN

Res. Assist. Gökhan Mehmet KARATAY




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