Department of Pediatric Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


It is aimed to reach the highest possible functional, psychosocial and professional independence within the physiological, anatomical and environmental limitations of the child. Childhood disability groups such as cerebral palsy, mental motor retardation, brachial plexus injuries, meningomyelocele, torticollis and children with neurodevelopmental problems due to genetic-metabolic disorders are evaluated and included in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation program. It includes pediatric physiotherapy practices, normalizing sensory and motor experiences, ensuring proper posture, regulating muscle tone, improving correction and balance reactions, supporting normal motor development and providing motor control, improving ambulation, increasing endurance, providing independent functional activity, improving existing movement quality and prevention of soft tissue, joint and postural disorders.


Prof. Bülent ELBASAN (Head of Department)

Prof. İlke KESER

Lecturer PhD Kamile UZUN AKKAYA

Lecturer PhD Müşerrefe Nur KELEŞ

Res. Assist. Burak ERTÜRK

Res. Assist. Miray HASPOLAT

Res. Assist. Ramazan YILDIZ

Res. Assist. Ayşe YILDIZ

Res. Assist. Elif SAKIZLI ERDAL

Res. Assist. Sinem ERTURAN

Res. Assist. Pelin ATALAN

Res. Assist. Mustafa BURAK

Res. Assist. Rabia ERASLAN


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