Department of Orthopedic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation is the rehabilitation performed by targeting long and short-term goals before and after treatment in all orthopedic diseases of the musculoskeletal system that require conservative or surgical treatment. As in all rehabilitation studies, orthopedic rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach. The aim of orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation is to bring the patient to the optimum level of functional well-being and to rehabilitate them, while maintaining the current condition of the patient and the surgery performed.

The rapidly developing health technology in recent years, the changes in the treatment of orthopedic diseases brought about by this development, on the other hand, the rising life expectancy of people and the extended life expectancy increase the need for orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In this context, the aim of the department is to follow scientific and technological developments in the field of orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation, to take care of the benefit of society, to gain advanced and deep knowledge, skills and attitudes in its applications with a multidisciplinary approach, to integrate their knowledge with clinical and scientific studies, to interpret the results, to continue life-long learning, to demonstrate to train physiotherapists at national and international level who can contribute to orthopedic physiotherapist training programs.


Prof. Seyit ÇITAKER (Head of Department)

Prof. Selda BAŞAR

Assoc. Prof. Zeynep HAZAR KANIK

Lecturer PhD. Murat ESMER

Res. Assist. Zeynep Beyza ALKAN

Res. Assist. Sevim Beyza ÖLMEZ

Res. Assist. Gökhan MARAŞ

Res. Assist. İnci AYAS

Res. Assist. Tuğçe ÇOBAN

Res. Assist. Beyza YAZGAN DAĞLI


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