Department of Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Specialization as a Department of Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation means the official recognition of physiotherapists' advanced clinical knowledge, experience and skills in a specific field of practice, their competence in producing science, contributing to national and international policies on the health care process and professional development.

Gazi University, Faculty of Health Sciences, "Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department" was established with the aim of increasing the quality of education in our country in our "Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation" practices and strengthening it at international and national level with a teamwork system, being aware of ethical, legal and safety factors. To deliver the service to people in need, to train unique and specialized educators, practitioners and researchers in this regard. For this reason, the opinion that Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, which should be considered in terms of public health, can be a department has emerged.

The aims of the Department of Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation are:

To establish and develop cardiopulmonary physiotherapy rehabilitation approaches in every area needed
To provide protection from preventable cardiovascular and pulmonary problems
To develop and maintain our cardiopulmonary physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices in acute and chronic cardiovascular and pulmonary problems of infants, children and adults, chronic diseases and critical illness.
Maintaining and advancing the contribution in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation undergraduate program
To develop the necessary conditions for the opening of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Master and Doctorate programs
To continue science production in the field of Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
To deliver Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services to people in need, and
To train original and specialized educators, practitioners and researchers in the field of Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation field includes acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, peripheral vascular diseases, preventable chronic diseases and problems due to physical inactivity (obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cancer, osteoporosis, aging), chronic obstructive and restrictive lung diseases, respiratory failure, in patients with cardiopulmonary problems and movement disorders related to mechanical ventilation applications and separation, problems during and after intensive care, cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery (upper abdominal), cancers, organ and tissue transplantation and other major surgeries, exercise training, exercise therapy and includes core topics such as cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of oncological, neurological, rheumatological and internal diseases that cause heart and lung effects is also important in this area. Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is necessary and important not only for adult patients and diseases, but also for all patients who cause heart-lung ethylenyma, from premature babies to children. The goals of cardiopulmonary physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs are to prolong life, improve quality of life, cope with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases physically and psychologically, increase exercise tolerance, reduce cardiac and pulmonary symptoms, and help prevent future cardiopulmonary problems with cardiovascular and pulmonary risk factor modification. to provide early recognition of symptoms, to prepare an individual personal management plan, to prevent preventable deaths and progression of existing disease, to enable return to work, to provide education and counseling.



Prof. Meral BOŞNAK GÜÇLÜ (Head of Department)

Prof.  Deran OSKAY

Assoc. Prof. Zeynep EMİR

Res. Assist. Buse KÜPELİ

Res. Assist. Gizem TÖRE

Res. Assist. Barış SEVEN

Res. Assist. Selin BAYRAM

Res. Assist. Ece BAYTOK

Res. Assist. Gamze Gülsün PALA

Res. Assist. Betül YOLERİ

Res. Assist. Sedanur GÜNGÖR



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