Department of Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Neurological physiotherapy and rehabilitation is the process of coping with physical, psychological and/or cognitive disorders caused by neurological diseases in body structure and functions. With neurological rehabilitation, it is aimed to increase the level of participation in daily life and well-being of the individual during the neurological disease process. Physiotherapists specialized in this field have an important place in the neurological rehabilitation team, which requires interdisciplinary teamwork. Within the scope of neurological rehabilitation, the task of the physiotherapist is to carry out patient-centered neurological evaluation in the patient population with neurological diseases, as a result, to determine patient-centered treatment goals and to implement the necessary physiotherapy and rehabilitation interventions for the target.

Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Approaches;

• Neurophysiological approaches

• Task-oriented approaches

• Computer-assisted exercises

• Robotic treatment

• Orthosis and assistive device use

• Hydrotherapy

• Includes electrotherapy.

With these approaches, it is aimed to increase the quality of life by increasing functional capacity, improving psychological well-being, reducing repeated hospitalizations and health care expenditures, improving prognosis and especially reducing symptoms.

The Department of Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation was established in order to respond to the educational needs of physiotherapists, to train graduates equipped with field-specific knowledge, skills and competencies, to create an environment for academic studies and to contribute to the development of the field. In addition, the aim of the department is to enable the acquisition of multidisciplinary, investigative, questioning and evidence-based practice skills in the field of Neurology Physiotherapy; to gain the ability to conduct scientific research, access information, evaluate and interpret information; To raise knowledgeable, intellectual, competent and competent scientists who have reached the universal level in terms of education in their field, on a national and international scale.

Prof. Arzu GÜÇLÜ GÜNDÜZ (Head of Department)

Assoc. Prof. Gökhan YAZICI

Assoc. Prof. Çağla ÖZKUL

Res. Assist. Kader ELDEMİR

Res. Assist. Çağrı GÜLŞEN

Res. Assist. Sefa ELDEMİR

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