General Information - Fizyoterapi ve Rehabilitasyon Bölümü
General Information

        Physiotherapy profession, is a profession which has important role for increasing health and quality of life,          -after specialist practioner diagnose – using assessment techniques which are special for physiotherapy, and gaining information and skill for planning and applying treatment approaches which are improved by physiotherapists in whole world, in all kinds of injury which causes movement disorders, disease and old ages, pain and function disorders.

        Nowadays, physiotherapists serves in all cases where the motion and function are threatened by a variety of reasons in order to improve movement and quality of life related to health. Present and future needs of society in our country and the world makes inevitable the physiotherapy profession.

         Physiotherapists can work as public or private staff in some department services such as orthopedics and traumatology, norology, pediatric norology, psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurosurgery, general surgery, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pulmonology, thoracic surgery, pediatrics, urology, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, plastic surgery, rheumatology, all of intensive care units, burn units in national and international inpatient treatment center; special education and rehabilitation centers, prosthetic and orthotic production and rehabilitation centers, primary health care organizations, industrial areas, schools, sports clubs, rest homes, occupational rehabilitation centers, thermal springs centers, home care centers. They can take titles like science specialist, doctorate, associate professor, professor by continuing education after graduation at university with the condition pass the exam of related education programmes.

     Our department with application and research unit and Gazi University Hospital’s various part will be active and carried out in each of these units in different subjects of our field. All of the work in the units, are aimed to improve level of independency in activities of daily living in motion system problems and disability groups and improve quality of life by promoting social and professional participation. In addition, in healthy people physical fitness and exercise, back and neck health, geriatric rehabilitation, obstetric and gynecologic rehabilitation programmes and performance analysis athletes are among the applications that can be done.


There are a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Polyclinic that patients examine and their treatments arrange, and 9 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation units which are made different physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications in our department.


·         Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

·         Hand Rehabilitation Unit

·         Neurologic Rehabilitation Unit

·         Oncologic Rehabilitation Unit

·         Orthopedic Rehabilitation Unit

·         Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit

·         Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit

·         Rheumatologic Rehabilitation Unit

·         Sports Physiotherapy Unit

Duty and authority of physiotherapists is described by regulations that was published in official gazette on 22nd of May 2014.